Marketing 101

Building a Strategy for Your Digital Marketing.

A few years ago, the business world started shifting towards digital marketing as a way to increase sales and meet customer expectations. More people were slowly embracing the use of machines to make their lives easier and so business owners had to adapt.

This meant doing away with a large chunk of their marketing methods and creating space for digital marketing.

People can now access the internet. With more people spending time online, and or with digital devices, it makes sense to want to shift your marketing towards them. They will not read the paper where you have been placing ads for years because they have other sources of information, but that does not stop you from advertising to them.

A smart business person will adapt fast and move their products to where the masses are.

Currently, there is more to digital marketing than just posting a nice story on social media. A search on the internet will reveal different types of marketing strategies. Like with everything in business, you have to sit down and plan in order to get the maximum value for your efforts.

Without planning, you could have every tool at your disposal and it still would not help you.

Take time to come up with a good marketing strategy

A good marketing strategy makes it easier for you to achieve your goal. It allows you to curate your progress in order to find ways to deliver more to your customers.

There are a number of reasons why you need to think about your digital marketing strategy.

  • A good strategy is great growing brand awareness. People will not buy from you if they do not know you. And you cannot blame them, you are also less likely to buy from someone you do not know and trust. A good marketing strategy makes it possible for your customers to know you. It helps you build trust with your customers. Digital marketing entails a lot, but they all boil down to building trust. The more your customers know you, the better your chances of making sales.
  • A good marketing strategy gives you a better view of the market. No matter how long you stay in your current market, you will never know everything about it. Every smart business person understands that the market is ever changing. What influences the marketing is so fickle that relying on the same methods for marketing your business is a dead course. A good marketing strategy allows you to see the market for what it is. In the end, you will not be caught by surprise when things change.
  • Having a good strategy makes you an authority figure in your market. People love experts. If you were to get something in your house fixed, say a faulty TV set or even your car, chances are that you will first try and find out from friends whether they know any expert who can handle it. People are more likely to buy from you if they think you are an expert. Part of digital marketing involves the creation of high-value content. This content will make you an authority figure in your respective niche and you will not have a problem earning your customers’ trust.

Now that you have the benefits, how do you plan your digital marketing strategy?

  1. Come up with a plan that aims at achieving a goal. What do you wish to achieve with your marketing campaign? Having your goal understood by your marketing team will help them understand what it is you really want.
  2. Research your target audience. What do they like? what are their buying trends? What influences them the most? Knowing what your customers want makes it easier to get to their level and convince them about the legitimacy of your products and, or services.
  3. Find out what makes you unique. In business, more so in marketing, uniqueness is important. It is what will make all your propositions effective. People appreciate unique stuff and they will reward you well if you provide a breath of fresh air with your marketing campaign.
  4. Curate your content. It is one thing to create content for your audience. It is an entirely different thing to keep track of it. Content is supposed to offer value to your customers. Keeping track of it makes sure that you are able to deliver maximum value without sounding repetitive.
  5. Analyze your data. Every now and then, you will need to take a step back and look at the work you are doing. Some of the methods you decide to use will not work, while some will provide great results. Without taking time to analyze the results, you might not know what works and what doesn’t. The good thing is that is now becoming easier to do all these using tools that help make your work easier.
Make use of the different analytics tools in the market.

Will your marketing strategy work for the first time?

Yes and no. Here is an example:

Your goal for taking up digital marketing might be to first build awareness for your product. A good plan might work or not, in the sense that you might not get the exposure you want immediately. But you will have gained a better understanding of the market, what drives it and how it operates. This will, therefore, help you to refine your future strategies.

A good digital marketing strategy is only good if it helps you grow. Growth does not have to be financial to be considered growth. Of course, the money will come, but you have to first build a great foundation.


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